A handcrafted masterpiece, incorporating all of our best skills within both bed and furniture making.

The DUX Difference

At DUX, good sleep is based on advanced technology, genuine craftsmanship, strenuous tests and carefully selected materials. When you sleep in our beds, your body rests on over 85 years of research and development.

DUX 818

This is our most advanced and luxurious bed ever - a continental bed with a design based on more than 85 years of research and development.

“Our beds should be the world's greatest place for recovery.” Efraim Ljung, founder of DUX 1926


Experience the unique comfort and support of the DUX bed in the elegant environment of the Test Bed area of our store.

About us

The only way to truly experience the DUX bed is to lie down on one.   Image waking up each morning rested and rejuvenated.  It is possible with The DUX Bed.  Make an informed decision about where you spend a third of your life.  Try The DUX Bed.  It could change your life.


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